Tokyo Disneyland : 東京迪士尼樂園
Tokyo DisneySea : 東京迪士尼海洋

客戶 / 東京迪士尼

攝影 / Rex Takeshi Chen黃彥翔劉士齊黃子修

剪接 / Rex Takeshi Chen黃彥翔黃子修

音樂 / 劉士齊

Client / Tokyo Disney

Camera Operator / Rex Takeshi Chen , Yeng Sean Huang , B. Shichi Liu & Anthony Huang

Editing / Rex Takeshi Chen , Yeng Sean Huang & Anthony Huang

Music / B. Shichi Liu







Tokyo Disneyland (Tokyo Disney Land), is an American Walt Disney Company was founded in Asia's first major theme park, located in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan verge of Tokyo Bay Maihama area formed reclamation area. Tokyo Disneyland April 15, 1983 the park opened, has experienced 28 years of business. Since the park opened to have been received from Japan and Asian countries around Japan nearly 500 million tourists. 
Tokyo Disneyland Tokyo Disney Resort is a major component, covering 51 hectares, which consists of 42 rides, 52 commercial facilities, 54 food and beverage outlets. Tokyo Disneyland rides of the world's main bazaar, adventure park, west park, animal world, Fantasyland, Toontown, Tomorrowland seven major theme parks, amusement facilities in addition to the above, but in the park with the Disney classic cartoon characters Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and other encounters during the day watching the Disney parade floats, night views of e-lantern parade. Tokyo Disneyland park dining and shopping facilities are also very fulfilling. 
Forest Museum is a 1969 engraving of the famous British sculptor, Henry. Moore's a "wild sculpture art," creating galleries, is Japan's first outdoor sculpture museum. Hakone's beautiful nature with green lawn exhibition Rodin, Henry Moore, Miro, nearly. More than 100 pieces of modern sculpture, there are other Picasso paintings, ceramics exhibition, Picasso Museum, Museum of indoor exhibition paintings. Hakone seasonal beauty and sculpture combines art, embraced.