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可口雜誌 x 海尼根特刊 / 書籍封面設計 / 排版設計 / 2014
Cacao Mag & Heineken / Cover design / Typography Design / 2014

​設計師 / 劉士齊

Design / B. Shichi Liu



未來媒體 (Future Media)、人文設計 (Human Design) 與多元創新 (Dynamic Innovation) 這三項源自北歐價值的概念,是我們提供給客戶的強大競爭工具。




每一期,我們直送無國界創意產業人士的熱燙觀點,獨家呈現 。




cacao Intelligence is a design focused, brand consulting company based in Nordic and Asia.

We incorporate Scandinavia essential values of  "Future Media", "Human Design" and "Dynamic Innovation" into our client’s portfolio, which empowers both the product and service to become more competitive and sustainable.

Through our creative talents, strategists and researchers, cacao Intelligence assists our clients to discover and establish their best fitted brand, which we believe is the core drive to move a company towards sustainable business in which both consumers and society can benefit from.

Not only do we offer a streamline branding service, "cacao" magazine is a part of our "Future Media" grand platform which we offer to clients for extended identity exposure.

This is a revolutionary newsletter about dream and frustration, about depression and courage.
This is a solid book about people, knowledge and trend.
This is a wow recipe for the future generation to get creative nutrition.

Every issue, we introduce a theme, a city and twelve creative people from that city.
Every issue, we invite academic and professional talents from different fields to discuss about the core concepts from their expertise.
Every issue, we present the hottest, most exclusive viewpoints of people from creative industries without limit.

The theme of our first issue is Bohemia, which also serves as the core spirit of our magazine.
Bohemia is not a representation of a location nor a time, but it is an attitude that exsists everywhere.
Through our magazine, we want to bring courage, to inspire thinking and to induce action to those who have lost their dreams and passion in everyday life.